A SaaS based web application optimized for smartphone use. It is available as a subset of Trac Pro so that Trac Pro user distributes accounts to their end customers as a smartphone application. It is always connected to Trac Pro for intelligent real-time feedbacks.


Easy to Start, Easy to Use!

Trac You just needs "click". Not like similar applications, just click based operations are good enough for good results. Even no click, Trac You understands as your reactions for recommendations from Trac Engine.



Issue to be solved

Believe or not, about 10% of household in Japan is single elders. Then, 0.5% of them die alone in Japan. Behind that, the birth rate is less than 2.0 and the elder population, which is over 65 years old, is more than 20% in Japan as of 2016. Japan is known as the highest life expectancy country, but healthy life expectancy is just average now. primesap has just started to fight the situation now.