High Speed / High Accuracy Motion Tracker

LiveTrac is one of the best solutions for sports motion tracking. For kinetic motion studies in orthopedics, bio mechanics and sports science, researchers need to measure muscle skeletal motion. In order to track muscle skeletal motion, we develop special anchor system, KineTrac, which can stay along skeletal motion.

KineTrac Anchor System

KineTrac Anchor System is a set of clipping parts designed to track skeletal motion precisely. As each component of human body has different shape and motion, each anchor has different shape. Basically, that anchor system is customized for users’ requirement, but standard sets also available for athletic performance measurement and orthopedic study.


LiveTrac motion sensor system 

Today, IMU based motion sensor is commonly used for sports motion capturing. Since our focus is to capture skeletal motion tracking, we combined our home grown motion sensor with KineTrac Anchor System, which enable to track baseball pitching at 120km/h ball throwing.   


In the film "Chasing the Dream"

In the film, project team of Intel Corporation focused on baseball pitcher. Not just in Japan, "baseball shoulder" and "baseball elbow" are quite common to happen in baseball pitchers. There is many theorem why it happens, but not concreted method to avoid that even in hundred years of history in baseball. But there are some excellent coaches and trainers who can lead baseball pitchers to improve their performance without getting injury.


Dr. Kiyoshi Kurita, who was a professional baseball pitcher, is a famous physical trainer and athletic trainer. He has his own method how athletes can maintain and improve their performance with avoiding sports injuries. Even his method has good reputation, there are no scientific definition on it.
Through Dr. Watanabe, Chief Medical Officer of primesap, we started work with him for reinforcing his method with our technology, LiveTrac.

In the film, Dr. Kurita and primesap captured many data of ball throwing by little league baseball pitchers. Then, Dr. Kurita and Dr. Watanabe analyze their pitching form and performance. There is some actual scene that Dr. Kurita gave his feedback to players.

Further Project(s)

By 2020, we will cover most of Olympic sports events. As of 2016, we started to cover swimming, running, figure skating, boxing, soccer and golf.