Proactive Monitoring / Interactive Remote Rehabilitation

LifeTrac is an integrated system which is customized by objective.
By tracking daily life with our smart sensor solution, we provide secure smart monitoring 24x365. Then, based on tracking big data, we also provide proactive monitoring which can forecast daily risk. We also cover remote rehabilitation and training for sustainable health and fitness.

Integrated Smart Monitoring

By combining motion sensor solutions, which primesap developed as LiveTrac, with computer vison solution, we provide smart monitoring system. Our motion sensor solution can track not just calorie consumption but also posture changes. Scene where motion sensor cannot cover such like bath room will be covered our computer vison system, which does not use white right for protecting privacy.

Smart Remote Rehabilitation

Since our motion tracking solution can estimate whole body motion, daily progress of recovery will be monitored safely. Then, big data analysis based on recorded transactions will provide appropriate process to recover. Behind the analysis, primesap has a strong team of collaboration among medical, IoT engineering and data science.  

Issue to be solved

Believe or not, about 10% of household in Japan is single elders. Then, 0.5% of them die alone in Japan. Behind that, the birth rate is less than 2.0 and the elder population, which is over 65 years old, is more than 20% in Japan as of 2016. Japan is known as the highest life expectancy country, but healthy life expectancy is just average now. primesap has just started to fight the situation now.

Further Expansion(s)

We just started to deliver LifeTrac for families who has single elders live separate, and hospitals. We are open to any partnering.